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Polar Manufacturing offers an array of advanced engineering services; design, composites, CNC machining, spray coating and 3D scanning.

These can be provided as individual services or as part of a combined package. Our skilled and experienced team will be able to advise and guide you through the process.

Product Design

We offer a full design and engineering service.


Our manufacturing process incorporates prepreg materials which are vacuum bagged and autoclave cured. Carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibres or a combination of these materials are used.

CNC Machining

From aluminium to carbon fibre or epoxy tooling block, Polar’s machining capabilities are across components, inserts, mould tools and pattern work.

Spray Coating

We understand the complexities that go into the preparation of composite and other substrates, maintaining perfect carbon fibre weave on visual panels, or adding tints and full colours for your desired finish.

3D Laser Scanning

Want to instantaneously capture or measure a product in 3D CAD? Using Polar’s high tech 3D laser scanning equipment and software we can achieve just that in a matter of seconds.

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