IED Casings

Cobham Antenna Systems is respected worldwide for its innovative technologies, products and services. Polar Manufacturing has enjoyed a good working relationship with them for a number of years.

The type of projects that Polar are typically commissioned for is to create the packaging for the antennas produced by Cobham Antenna Systems. This particular project involved the antenna casing for a vehicle portable IED application.

The body and lid of the casing needed to be lightweight and not allow Electromagnetic interference (EMI). S-Glass was chosen as a suitable material for this application, maintaining structural integrity,meeting light weight requirements and removing EMI.

Polar Manufacturing designed and manufactured the tooling, produced and machined the composite assembly, integrated a desert sand colour into the prepreg resin and finally coated the casings in the same desert sand colour to aid camouflage.

As a result of this development, significant batch orders were delivered to a demanding schedule.

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