Wicked Vision: Booma and Sky Rider

Wicked Vision makes innovative toys and games for the global market.  They commissioned Polar Manufacturing to introduce a luxury range of their best selling products – the Wicked Booma and the Wicked Sky Rider.

The Booma is a twist on the traditional boomerang and is produced to exacting standards out of a high cosmetic prepreg fabric and to a specific weight requirement so it can be operated effectively.  The Wicked Sky Rider is a flying disc, which is perfectly balanced and weighted to give a smooth, accurate flight path.

Wicked Vision’s products are widely available, including at high-end stores such as Hamleys and Harrods.


Client Testimonial

“Wicked commissioned Polar to produce the world’s most expensive production boomerang and flying disc which was an entirely new venture for our company.

Working with Polar was an absolute pleasure, Simon and his team listened and advised on every request. They were extremely helpful – often advising outside of their scope to the benefit of the project as a whole. We received a very timely response to every question, no matter how small it seemed. They were clear on the various challenges and they kept us in the loop throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process, meaning that there were no nasty surprises!

We are delighted with the look and quality of the finished product, it has more than exceeded our expectations and it is for this reason that we would recommend Polar to anyone for their great service and quality products.”

Engineering projects from Polar Manufacturing

Wicked Vision - Boomerang in carbon fibre
Wicked Vision - Frisbee in carbon fibre