Polar Manufacturing Company Vision – We Create Carbon Finer

Purpose – Why the business does what it does

Polar Manufacturing Ltd manufactures carbon fibre and composite products to enable an expansive variety of industry sectors to benefit from the properties of this unique and innovative material.

Values – How we accomplish what we do


Efficient and strong team, that are professional, listen, communicate and support one another’s strengths and weaknesses.


Innovation, with the belief that to succeed a challenge can always be accomplished better, differently or out of the norm.


To employers, customers, suppliers and one another, with the core principals of politeness, strong morals, honesty and good humour.


Unquestioned quality and high standards.


Motivation and ability to deliver on what was agreed.

USP – Unique Selling Point

We have a passion to progress, the knowledge to succeed and the team to make it happen. Polar is here to make our customers’ lives easier.

Statement of Business Direction

Polar Manufacturing Ltd is a carbon fibre and composite product manufacturing company, pursuing sustainable growth and financial security.

With a facility that aims to provide customers continued capacity and the employees’ efficiency and an environment to thrive. Clear and defined processes along with continued diversity into new areas and opportunity will allow Polar to build strong foundations.

Guarantee – What we will guarantee our customers

  • Always strive to supply against an agreed delivery schedule
  • Put in place a quality specification and always look to succeed on this
  • Continually gain knowledge so our customers receive the best advice
  • Provide constant pro-active and honest communication