Carbon Fibre Prepreg Laminating

Using the approved tool, the developed prepreg kit - and with instruction from the lay-up manual - the fabric is placed into the mould and the layers are built up.

A variety of materials can be used to make up a part including carbon, glass and amarid fibres. Core materials such as foam or Nomex® are used to construct a thicker laminate whilst retaining the high strength and low weight benefits.

All the materials are placed in the mould which is packaged in a vacuum bag to aid the curing process.  This is then placed inside the autoclave - a pressurised heated chamber - or an oven, where the lamination is cured.

Each component has a serial number attached at the lamination stage to allow complete traceability. This gives complete peace of mind that each product made by Polar Manufacturing is hand-crafted with ownership by the laminator for the utmost attention to detail.