Extreme Cases: Nanopops Case

Polar Manufacturing were briefed to develop a flight carry-on case to house communication data for military deployment anywhere in the world. The case was for a man-portable secure communication system for the Bundeswehr, created in carbon fibre for its strength to weight ratio.

Polar designed the case from conception to not only accommodate the communication components but to make the case ergonomically suitable for travel.

Following our design sign off from the client, tooling was produced from a CNC machined tooling block master which was coated in a gloss and high temperature paint prior to a prepreg carbon fibre mould tool being taken.

40 cases were produced and assembled with hardware along with a carbon fibre structural shelf at Polar's facility in Norfolk. All completed in a short turnaround for German defence company Steep GmbH.

Previously designed into a Copolymer Polypropylene watertight case at over 9kg, we managed to reduce the weight to just 3.8kg.


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