Chalice Medical: ParaMount Carrier

Polar Manufacturing embarked on a development project with Chalice Medical, who make bespoke products for medical use.  They approached Polar to produce a lighter version of a portable medical stand used commonly by dialysis patients.

We took the existing metal component as reference and using 3D CAD data developed the tooling design to construct a new stand made of carbon fibre encased with a foam core.

The design of this closed component had to be carefully balanced in order to accommodate the need for weight reduction through the use of foam cores, but also to maintain an appealing aesthetic.

The part was double cured to allow all the constraints to work. The first cure is for the initial surface plies and the second cure incorporates the foam core, inserts and joining plies.

Following de-mould the part is then CNC machined and finished in clear gloss lacquer.

This was a well engineered development project which could be taken to volume production in the future.

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