Basler Lacke

Polar Manufacturing is the sole UK distributor for a unique carbon fibre coating system from leading Swiss company, Basler Lacke.

Approved by major automotive OEMs, the Basler products allow us to offer a complete coating solution to protect and enhance carbon fibre products. This includes: primer, base coat, colour paint, special effects and protective coating.
All our spraying is carried out in-house, in our purpose built spray booth and all coatings are thoroughly inspected after being applied.

Carbon fibre and composite coatings

Designed specifically for composites in combination with epoxy resin, the Basler Lacke system provides the following benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion on epoxy resins
    the products are solely for coating carbon fibre
  • Significant improvement in UV protection
  • Different products to suit all ranges of oven types
    on temperatures below or above 80 degrees
  • An intensified 3D effect
  • Colour matching available
  • Lead free

Polar Manufacturing provides full technical backing and traceability at all times.

Choice of finishes and feels

Basler Lacke coatings are available in a choice of finishes to make your product stand out including gloss, satin or matt.

Choose from a range of colours, even adding glitter, to enhance the intricate design of the carbon weave. Superb interior finishes such as soft feel are also available.

Please contact us for samples, data or application information.

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