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Why Carbon Fibre?

While carbon fibre has become widespread in industries such as automotive, aerospace and marine, the agricultural sector has started to realise the benefits of carbon fibre can bring to farm machinery. As carbon fibre is a very strong, lightweight and versatile material its use in agriculture will increase in the future.

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Our Agriculture Experience

With our expertise in carbon fibre manufacture across many sectors and the fact that we provide every service required from design to inspection, our agricultural clients value the high quality products they receive from us.

World Leading Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art modern manufacturing site based in Norfolk, UK, has been designed to provide the high quality our customers demand. We have significantly invested in our people and equipment to ensure we have the best expertise and capabilities to deliver everything you need from one company.

Specifically this includes design, tooling, ply cutting, carbon fibre prepreg laminating, trimming, bonding, machining, carbon fibre coating, quality inspection and delivery.

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