Case Studies

Our talented team at Polar Manufacturing is highly experienced in designing modern products using carbon fibre. This has included a varied range of projects such as a luxury range of travel luggage to stylish and unique products for the home.

We offer modern, contemporary design combined with high quality, British craftsmanship for people and companies who want something unique. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration then contact the Polar team today to start on your project.

Continental GTR-3

Bentley Motors

Composites, Spray Coating

Aircraft Scan

The Light Aircraft Company

3D Laser Scanning

Emergence for Caviar House & Prunier

Cinimod Studios


Guitar Pickguard

Guyton Guitars

Composites, CNC Machining

Slingshot Jetboard


Design, Composites

ParaMount Carrier

Chalice Medical

Composites, Spray Coating

Carbon Fibre Cases


Design, Composites, Spray Coating



Composites, CNC Machining, Spray Coating

Metra Casing


Composites, CNC Machining, Spray Coating

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